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Using a variety of platforms without maintaining unity will damage your credibility. Learn how to unify your enrollment messaging across all platforms and ensure a seamless experience for prospective students.

By investing in your local community and valuing the right priorities, you can facilitate innovative learning environments to empower lifelong learners. Download our white paper to gets started.

Students who invest in a degree are not just looking for jobs that will move them up the ladder. They desire long-term fulfillment, and your institution should equip them accordingly.

Trinity School of Natural Health needed an effective way to manage its current contacts and garner interest from prospective students in order to increase enrollment. Find out how 212 designed a strategy to do both.

Too many students have bought into the lie that one mistake can derail their entire future. Your institution must teach students how to bounce back after failure to equip them for long-term success.

how small institutions adapt for survival ebook ctaIn the face of dwindling enrollment, small institutions can thrive by finding their niche and making a notable contribution in their space. Read these four tips on helping your school flourish in specialization.

As non-traditional students and alternative credentials become more prominent, institutions must be creative to thrive. Read about the unique programs that will help you overcome the enrollment crisis.

Your students are some of your most powerful tools to reach your target demographics. Read this eBook to find out how you can create a personal connection to your students—and watch your campus thrive.

Too often, students with diverse ethnic backgrounds and income levels go overlooked, creating an education gap that cannot be ignored. Find out how you can appeal to this entirely new pool of students.

212 enrollment ebook cta from prospective to enrolled: how to eliminate summer meltAre you losing students before classes even start? “Summer melt” is a widely acknowledged obstacle—but this eBook outlines four key strategies your school can implement to excite and engage your students.

It’s no longer safe to assume that a single-threaded enrollment strategy will make a good enough impression to convert leads. This free eBook will help you increase enrollment with an effective multi-touch strategy.

Emails get lost in the shuffle of overloaded inboxes—but direct mail stands out. Our eBook offers the latest tips on creating a unique, attention-grabbing direct-mail campaign.

212 education meets mobile technology CTA
Mobile technology has transformed the way people interact with the world. This free eBook will tell you why next-generation learning starts with properly adopting and implementing mobile platforms.

Prospective students and their parents base their opinions on what they see and hear from your school. Do you know what your audience wants to hear? Learn how to create messages that matter with our free eBook.

As higher education evolves, a majority of public funding is now focused not just on enrollment, but on student outcomes and retention. Check out the tips you’ll need to attract and retain the best students for your school.

Thanks to the big data movement, new tools are available to enrollment departments. If integrated properly, they can gather a wealth of information that will help you promote the right message to the right students.

Provide opportunities to answer questions, have conversations, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and ultimately create students who become champions for your institution.

Providing consistent, valuable, and relevant content can attract, delight, and retain your prospective students. But how do you write relevant content? Where do you distribute it?

Email is potentially your school’s most powerful inbound marketing channel. It provides a vital step between the acquisition of new leads and their commitment to your school.

Isn’t social media just a bunch of teenagers posting selfies? That might have been true 10 years ago, but social media has transformed into a powerful lead-generation tool.

Managing a successful institution is an enormous challenge. Reaching your long-term goals means attracting and retaining students. It’s time to invest in a successful marketing plan.

Expanding your digital footprint through an inbound marketing plan is a must. Leverage your digital marketing content to position your institution as a leader in higher education.

When it comes to increasing enrollment, catching a student’s eye is a must, but the competition is fierce. Learn how to create highly effective graphic design for your marketing materials.

In just a few short minutes, a video can bring your institution to life. With the right tools, you can encourage prospective students and parents to take a closer look at what you have to offer.

crisis communications in a digital age cta
Take time today to set a strong foundation for your school. Our eBook will give you the tools you need to prepare your institution for a potential PR emergency.

In our digital world, it’s crucial to be properly prepared for a PR disaster. To make sure you have the proper steps in place before implementing a response strategy, fill your “crisis bucket” with the right tools.

All of life happens at college, and campus protection is increasingly important. It’s impossible to predict everything that will happen at your school during the year—but you can be prepared.

Is the time of the millennial over? Absolutely not. But it is time to start seriously thinking about their up-and-coming replacement—the iGeneration. Find out how to best reach this market.

iGeneration students are vastly different from Millennials. Institutions that want to stay relevant must learn how to win over the new era of incoming students. Make sure you know what the iGeneration values most.

iGen is preparing to enter the workforce. Learn how this team-oriented, socially conscious generation will change the way successful institutions hire and retain their employees.

Bad marketing is worse than no marketing—and a good marketing strategy takes a lot of your time. When you partner with small marketing agencies, you get more time to focus on enrollment.

Take a more internal approach when promoting your school, emphasizing character traits and values of your institution. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to use your internal strengths to appeal to students and parents alike.

Is academia really dead? Don’t let your enrollment suffer because students are misinformed. Take advantage of our white paper to show your prospective students why their education is so important.

Institutions of all sizes are evaluating their approaches to enrollment. What should you do to stay the course and achieve enrollment success? Even amidst the challenges, your team can stand out.

You need to know all the best practices of writing in order to establish trust and credibility with your prospective students and their parents. Prove your knowledge and expertise in the industry with the tips in this eBook!

You deserve a partner who understands you. Read this case study to see how a small agency partnership allowed Oral Roberts University to create an all-new acceptance experience package and impress incoming students.

As an educational institution, it’s your job to give the next generation the tools they need to be successful—in college and beyond. Show students how much you care about their journey.

The marketing world is changing, and your leads don’t matter if they don’t increase enrollment. If you want to be effective in higher education, you need quality leads.

At small colleges, every decision is a big decision. Small colleges cannot be all things to all students. How do you balance keeping costs low while maintaining an effective operational income?

Institutions across the globe are vying for students’ attention. How can you stand out against schools that all seem to be yelling into an abyss? Develop a unique, specialized voice.

Christian schools across the nation are experiencing serious enrollment concerns. This free white paper outlines five barriers to Christian college enrollment—and explains what you can do to overcome them.

Educational institutions must work to earn the attention and trust of potential students and their parents. See how inbound marketing paved the way for one institution to do just that.

Inbound marketing allows schools to recruit students based on institutional needs, field of study, and cultural fit. Find out how inbound marketing keeps educational institutions ahead of the curve.

The mechanics of recruiting in higher education have changed. To keep enrollments strong, educational institutions must broach new territory: inbound marketing.

Schools across the country are facing the same problems—but by crafting the right message and understanding what students need most, your school can stop the enrollment crisis in its tracks.

When you pair your enrollment expertise with data analysis, you’ll uncover trends that will change the way you recruit prospective students. Find out how you can use data analytics to increase your enrollment numbers.

In today’s world, the goals of higher education are changing rapidly. This white paper tells you how you can meet the changing cultural expectations of higher education.